After a summer full of data breaches and companies information getting hacked, yet another company has become victim of hackers. Last night financial giant JPMorgan Chase announced that 83 million households and small businesses accounts had been breached. The hackers stole names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses. The good news is that Chase reports that they haven’t seen any evidence that hackers go a hold of passwords, IDs, account numbers, social security numbers, or birthdates. But the danger and risk is still there. Users need to still monitor their accounts and watch for letters, emails, or phone calls that look and sound like they could be from Chase. Fake emails and letters that appear to be from Chase could be after the sensitive information that wasn’t gained in the first hack. As usual, keep a close eye on your personal accounts, as well as be careful what emails you open. It also never hurts to double check with Chase when receiving documents from them to verify their authenticity.

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