At T-Tech Solutions LLC we make it our mission to put our customers best interest in mind when we stay up to date on changes in technology. Last month, news broke on how Google would be shaking things up in terms of how websites are listed and ranked on their search engine. This shake-up has been called Mobilegeddon in some technology circles, while companies are now scrambling to get their sites mobile ready.

Google announced that as of April 20th, it will be changing its ranking system to favor those with mobile friendly websites. These mobile friendly sites are easily read on smartphones, usually with a lot of graphics. Greg Sterling who is a search engine analyst states that websites that are currently listed in the number 1 or 2 spots currently, could potentially fall to the number 9 or 10 spots if they aren’t mobile friendly. Google is justifying this move by stating that more and more people have moved to their mobile devices to search the web, so this change will in turn make their experience better.

If you’re wondering why T-Tech doesn’t have a mobile friendly site yet, stay tuned! We have a new look launching very soon, but, truthfully, we’ve been too busy working on client sites that our own website has fallen through the cracks! We can honestly say that we always put our clients first! So now the question is: Does your business have a mobile friendly site? If not, call us today so we can get started! It does not matter whether T-Tech built your site, or another provider, the importance is that we start the process for you today. We can access your current site and discuss the changes that may need to be made to make sure your business isn’t losing out on potential money.