A new ransomware has been spreading amongst the digital world in 2017.

Ransomware, is a variation of a malware and virus infection that works in the background on your machine to encrypt all of your local data, any network/shared folder, or any USB connected devices.  After this encryption process, all of your important files and data become literally useless, because they are no longer usable without paying the “ransom” to decrypt and get your files back.

This ransomware, named “Spora” is more sophisticated than its predecessors and also claims to set itself apart from the rest with a more “professional” approach to ransomware.

If you are wondering how it can be a more professional approach, it’s because they have an entire business and support team centered around this infection. The ransomware is only the first step of their process, there is an “a-la-carte” plan to how you pay and have your files and machine back. There are payments for removing the infection, being “immune” from future attacks, having your machine cleaned, decrypt only select files, etc.

Here is a link to SOPHOS antivirus, which has a detailed write-up on this infection:


Another link which details the more “professional” approach to this infection:


If you have been hit with this infection, or know someone who has, please have them contact us so we can assist them in getting their machine cleaned up and back in shape. The unfortunate truth to ransomware is that without proper backups of your files, you are subject to having to “negotiate with terror” in that you don’t have much option, but to pay the ransom to get your files back. We would prefer to see our clients be more pro-active than waiting for this type of attack and paying the fee. Let’s get you or your company set up with daily backups, whether local or off-site, that can get you back up and running quickly if something like this occurs.

How do you avoid something like this? You can be less vulnerable by having proper virus protection on your PC and being very vigilant on the links and emails that you open, but it’s important to note that sometimes even with the best practice methods and highest level of virus protection, things slip through every day. That is why it is so critical to have BACKUPS!  If you have backups, these viruses and bugs don’t matter. You wipe out your machine, reload windows and your programs, and bring your data back. Yes, there is time involved, but would you rather be on the other side trying to figure out whether to pay a hacker to bring your files back? You can pay for immunity, but that’s just for that 1 ransomware.  Once they find you, they have a link to your machine….  So, think how easy it will be to get back in?

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