With so much backlash from Windows 8, Microsoft seems to be eager to release a new operating systems their users will enjoy. We saw a glimpse of that this week with the video leak of Windows 9.

A few key features we’re highlighted. One of the biggest complaints from Windows 8 was the lack of a start menu. Well it seems Microsoft addressed the issue and it was one of the main features that was highlighted in its return seen in the video that was leaked. Another user-friendly addition is the integration between the start menu and modern user interface from Windows 8. Users will be able to toggle back and forth between the traditional start menu and the design seen in Windows 8. This will allow users with tablets and touch screen laptops the user experience of the later operating system.

Another big feature is that of multiple desktops. With its competitors like Linux and Mac OS X already using this feature, Microsoft has finally added this feature that will be a highly praised addition. A new notification center is also a feature leaked in the video floating around the internet. The notification center will work alongside of the modern user interface alerts and have all the apps, system, and hardware alerts all in the same place.

Other news that is attached to this leak is that speculation of Microsoft doing some rebranding. It is rumored that Microsoft is going to ditch the numerals and just stick simply with branding products and operations systems as “Windows”.

There isn’t a set release date for the technical preview of the new Windows operating systems but it’s believed to be by the end of the month! For more information and videos about the Windows 9 leak refer to the article below.


Source used: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2014/09/15/new-windows-9-leaks-show-massive-improvements-over-windows-8/