The next few months are typically the busy season for businesses acquiring new office space, expanding their location, or moving to a new location. Often times management is looking at furniture, paint, carpeting, moving companies, etc. Believe it or not, people go through all of this and forget that when they arrive at their new office, they need to have something to plug into and function. The assumption that “Comcast, ATT, or Phone Company” is going to take care of all of this for you is completely inaccurate. In fact, your internet and phone company are going to install your internet or phone modem into the closest/easiest spot for them to reach, and give you the papers to sign off on and handle the rest.

Anyone that has gone through an office move knows the amount of stress and headache involved. If you are trying to deal with the technology portion of the move, that adds a whole new layer to your mess, because everyone is going to be asking you questions that you can’t answer. From employees asking about where they will connect their things, to landlords or General Contractors asking about your vendor for network wiring, to people asking about your phones, to general contractors reviewing a drawing with you expecting you to understand the Lingo.

The best time to bring us into the picture is at the planning stage, before all of the final touches are done and your new place is looking clean and ready for move in. Not to say we can’t come in after this is done, but we will need to open ceiling tiles, cut into walls, make new low-voltage openings, etc. This typically “hurts” a lot less when it is happening during the rest of that “messy” stage. There are also some areas that are inaccessible once all the finishing touches have been done, because no planning was done before hand, no pipes exist for access, etc.

This is where T-Tech Solutions steps into the mix, from the design stage all the way to the move-in day. We have a vast experience working with general contractors, landlords, architects, electricians, site planning, etc. Our services are done properly, to code standards, and efficiently. Here are just a few services we can provide you in your office location:

  • Coordinating with management to pin-point proper locations for data/phone jacks and best location for network/server/phone closet
  • Coordinating with general contractor and additional vendors to ensure electrical outlets are placed properly to allow for functionality according to goals
  • Coordinating with phone/data vendors to ensure equipment is being installed in proper locations.
  • Wiring of your data/network lines throughout the office to the main network closet
  • Wiring of your phone lines throughout the office to the main network closet
  • Wiring and installation for wall-mount Tv’s
  • Complete setup of your network/server closet
  • Wiring and installation of security camera’s for your facility
  • Wiring and installation of speaker systems, intercom systems.
  • Setup and re-configuration of your network equipment, firewall, switches, routers

And more importantly

  • Ensuring that all low-voltage cabling used is according to code
  • All low-voltage cabling is secured and suspended properly within ceiling
  • Ensuring that in plenum-spaces, plenum rated cabling is utilized
  • Ensuring that all low-voltage is clean and efficient
  • Ensuring that all low-voltage cabling will pass inspections and not cause issues with other electrical wiring
  • Being present at the day of move-in to help alleviate stress of move-in
  • Making sure everyone is functional and able to work at new location

Give us a call today so we can discuss your next office move or expansion.

There is no cost to sit down with you, review your site plan, and begin putting together a plan and costs.

The cost of not having this done properly, on the other hand, is an entirely different subject.