Moving to a new office?

As you begin the planning stages for your new location, take some time to consider everything you will need. While this is a time of excitement for most businesses, it’s a high-stress moment for most. Most firms are planning for their carpet, paint, accent walls, furniture, etc. They may use a checklist like one. What they often forget in the excitement is their actual computer and office wiring so they can be functional.

An office network is more than just plugging the computers into the wall and connecting to your internet modem. It also includes your actual low voltage wiring. Low Voltage wiring includes items such as your data, phone, security, card access, smart tv, speakers, sound masking, and more.

Ideally, you want to have your low voltage and wiring vendor working aside your construction crew or whoever is framing and building up your office. The common mistake that is made is to realize you need this wiring after the fact when the fresh carpet is laid, the walls are painted, and the place has just been cleaned.

Every business is different, don’t assume that the previous tenant had the same needs that you do, or more importantly, that they left everything in-tact when they left. As simple walkthrough and audit can save a lot of headaches on move-in day.

So if you are moving your office please give us a call. We can make sure that your network is set up properly for your new location.

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