Career Opportunities
CIM Engineer/Database Administrator
Sep 20, 2016
Pay: To be determined.

Database Administrator responsible for all aspects of database design, maintenance, optimization, and data mining. Individual will be responsible for multiple plant databases containing trace data, product test data, product flow and pedigree data and will be responsible for reporting systems and ad-hoc queries. 

•Responsible for creation, maintenance, performance monitoring of Plant Database servers
•Development and support of Database Systems for Manufacturing and Support areas.
•Responsible for plant data mining and reporting for quality searches, operations excellence, ad-hoc searches, PPAC, others.
•Perform assignments involving the planning and execution of a project of limited scope or a portion of larger, more diverse projects relating to CIM needs.
•Provide technical support to production and to CIM Engineers.
•Troubleshoot existing CIM systems to minimize production downtime and insure smooth system operation.
•Independently evaluates, selects, and applies standard engineering techniques, procedures, and criteria using judgment in making any adaptations or modifications.
•Performs work that involves common types of plans, investigations, surveys, structures, or equipment.
•Assist in the planning, design, test, and validation of applications to support large scale work cell controllers.
•Design, test, and validation of applications to support both large and small scale work cell controllers for the manufacturing environment when needed
•Develop custom .NET software to support mistake proofing in the manufacturing environment. 
•Customer interface to Process Engineering and other departments.
•Works with a team of CIM Engineers to assist in software development aspects of larger projects.
•Master of PC Operation and OS Navigation. 
•Perform other duties as assigned
•Comply with and support the health, safety, and environmental programs, policies and procedures.