Our Team

Our team has a long history of success in business and technology. Providing the right talent and expertise for the job.

Founder & President

Tony Haddad

Tony Haddad


As President and founder of T-Tech Solutions LLC, Tony Haddad brings with him over 20 years of IT and Business Leadership experience, with numerous professional and manufacturer certifications.

His experience and expertise in the areas of business and information technology have without question impacted his ability to drive the technology and business powerhouse that is T-Tech Solutions LLC. He has managed and led numerous small to large scale projects through various divisions of business and technology. He truly provides a full commitment and dedication to each project and client he works with.

Tony is very involved in the day to day operations of the business, from the IT and Helpdesk Support, to the Web and Custom Development, to the Staffing and Business Consultation, to the Network and Infrastructure Management and Implementation. Any client that works with Tony will quickly see the passion and attention he puts into every project and situation!

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.” — Colin Powell


Bachelors of Science – Business Administration
University of Detroit Mercy

Masters Degree – Business Administration
Walsh College of Business and Accountancy

Doctorate of Philosophy – Business Administration
Implementing Effective Leadership in Technology
Warren National University

Industry Certifications

Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
ITIL Certification in Service Management
CompTIA A+ Certified

Manufacture Certifications

Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Sony, Apple, Acer

Key Team Members

Toni Gojcaj

Toni Gojcaj

Technical Services Director

A long standing and valued member of T-Tech, Toni joined our team in 2010, and has been a key player in our technical services department since.  With a prior background in automotive and an education in computers and technology, it was an easy adapt into the world of Technology Support.

Providing hands-on oversight of technical services, Toni has a meticulous eye for getting things done right and going above and beyond to provide that level of support and service that T-Tech strives for.

Ashley Crampton

Ashley Crampton

Web & Design Director

Joining our team in 2017, Ashley wasted no time stepping into the action of our Web, Graphics, and Marketing department.  With a background in Graphics and Fine Arts, she exudes a gifted passion and talent in her work and designs.

Working amongst a team of our talented developers, programmers, and project managers, Ashley is not shy to stick the course and keep things looking aesthetically pleasing and eye-grabbing, as they should.

A valued and appreciated member of our team!

Patrick Amolsch

Patrick Amolsch

Support Specialist

Joining our team in 2018, Patrick plays a pivotal role as Support Specialist for T-Tech.  With a background in Computer Science and Technology, his passion, patience, and attention to detail show in his interactions with the customers.

Whether providing in-house, remote, or on-site, his days are action packed with supporting the ever growing needs of our clients and traveling between the different cities and client sites, like Batman, responding to trouble tickets and calls saving the day for our clients.

Rachael Peck

Rachael Peck

Support Specialist

Joining our team recently in 2020, Rachael has quickly become a key support specialist in our technical services department.  With a background in computer science and programming, she has a true dedication and talent.

Providing support amongst and to the members of our technical services team, Rachael truly is all over the place.  Providing in-house, remote, and on-site specialist support, clients are quickly amazed and appreciative of her attention to detail and patience in listening to the problems and getting them handled efficiently.