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cyber attacks & incident response

Critical Cyber Attack Response

Being the subject of a cybersecurity attack is a serious and frustrating time for everyone, not to mention the down-time, loss of business operations, and financial impact.

T-Tech Solutions LLC has vast knowledge and experience in dealing with cyber security attacks and situations of utmost care and critical remediation response.

Whether a trojan virus, malware, encryption attack, or takedown of the network, the actions taken are critical and necessary to ensure potential recovery and bounce back.


A general cyber security incidence response, may include:

  • Immediately contain systems and networks to limit the exposure after attack
  • Determine amount of sensitive data files that have been compromised
  • Identify the infection and threat level of the incidence
  • Create an incident report detailing situation to be provided to necessary legal and insurance team.
  • Remove infections from the network, contain infected file areas.
  • Develop a log of events from initial detection moment through remediation process
  • Attempt to identify the source of attack or compromised entry point
  • Review and update network and security devices
  • Utilize remediation and recovery tactics, along with any pre-incident restore data or system restore points, to being rebuilding the environment and restoring order.
  • Continue analysis after restoration and gathering of logs to ensure no immediate recurrence of attack.
  • Provide follow-up cybersecurity training and advisement for employees to attempt to avoid future attacks and entry points.

If you have been the victim of a cyber security attack, please reach out Immediately so we can begin the process of getting you back in business, as quickly and efficiently as possible!