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Expert IT services for the healthcare and medical industry

The healthcare industry has seen a major push to electronic records and advancements in technology usage over the years.  The need for a secure and functional environment is crucially vital to the day-to-day operations, whether small practice, or a large hospital.  Any outage or unforeseen down-time creates a major stress and panic factor.

Some examples of projects performed within the healthcare sector:

  • Low-volt wiring of new medical offices for phone, data, camera, speaker, intercom, card access, and full networks.
  • Deployment and installation of large-print, document, and imaging devices through major hospital systems
  • Roll-out and upgrade of desktops and laptops hospital-wide.
  • Installation of secure and functional LAN and WAN network systems to avoid downtime and increase efficiency
  • Development of custom database and client management solutions for managing inflow of customers and the information attached.
  • Installation of secure networks and data servers for storing critical patient information
  • Setup and configuration of security network devices and firewalls to continue medical offices to large hospital environments for safe transfer of data, reliably.
  • Setup and configuration of mobile ambulatory units
  • Management, configuration, and deployment of mobile tablets within hospital, ambulatory, and in the field.

Behind all these initiatives are the solutions implemented by T-Tech Solutions.  We aim to become your local trusted partner in creating and maintaining secure and reliable environments for healthcare.


Example industries we service include

  • Ambulatory Services

  • Private Practice

  • Physical Therapy

  • Chiropractic

  • Dental

  • Plastics and Surgical

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