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CIO Advisory Services

When you’re talking about advice, there’s good advice, there’s bad advice, and worst of all, there’s expensive bad advice. In fact, according to the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, poor advice costs Americans approximately $17 billion a year.

When dealing with IT and technology, it becomes critically important for you to receive the right guidance on how to manage your technology, staff, vendors, equipment, and resources.

Advice should come from someone in the field and in the daily line of fire when it comes to technology burdens.  An advisor working with the types of troubles that your firm can face, understands the ramifications of making the wrong IT choices, and has been in emergency and high-tension situations.  Where wrong decisions were made, mistakes occurred, and the time for regrouping and realigning to get things back in motion was limited.

T-Tech Solutions LLC has a vast experience working with different industries and business sectors, working through technological hurdles and challenges, and sitting at C-Level round table meetings developing strategic plans for the firms future and sustainability.

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Benefits of CIO Advisory Services

Business Process Mapping & Strategy

A requirement for the development of the firms business strategy.  Mapping out a technology strategy that aligns with the goals of the firm. With CIO advisory services, you can get a better handle on the technology requirements and hurdles of your business to help focus on the overall business health, helping make necessary actions to maintain a reliable and productive environment.

Vendor Management & Negotiation

There’s nothing more frustrating than having vendors propose their service offerings and not being able to accurately review and make an appropriate decision.  Ensuring that you select the right vendors for your industry that will provide the best support. T-Tech has worked with numerous vendors, across numerous industries, and has the technical mindset and know-how to help provide proper decisions and solutions.

Risk Management

CIO Advisory helps ensure that safe and compliant practices are in effect.  Helping make sure proper disaster recovery and cyber security measures are in place to ultimately mitigate risk and vulnerability.  Helping develop technology decisions that are industry respected, compliant, and recommended by field experts.

Meeting IT Governance Standards

CIO Advisory aids in establishing effective methods to meet IT governance standards.  Assisting in the selection, design, and implementation of technology tools in your organization.  The strategies proposed by our advisory services help set your firm apart from the rest by following proper standards, guidelines, and build an established brand name in your industry.

Technology Road Map

T-Tech Solutions LLC will help you design an effective technology roadmap for success.  Helping to identify and achieve both short-term and long-term goals.  Leveraging the right technology tools and services, ensuring your firm is getting the best value, reliability, and performance.

A proper roadmap helps in guiding you with your future investment decisions. The responsibility of a CIO also includes management of the technology team and understanding the skillsets of each member, assigning them to the right tasks for overall success and efficiency.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less travelled by,
and THAT has made all the difference”

— Robert Frost