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Cloud & Hosting Services

T-Tech Solutions LLC provides a variety of hosted, managed, and cloud-based solutions aimed to fit the needs and ever growing “remote-office” nature of our clients.

Through a wide-range of solutions and strategic partnerships, we have a full comprehensive catalog of hosted solutions we provide.

Below are just a breakdown of a few hosted services offered which typically accompany our IT Support solutions as a full monthly service and support agreement for your firm.  We appreciate the opportunity to discuss what your firm’s needs may be to develop a custom-fit solution.

Securing your information

Email Filtering and Encryption

Email Filtering Solutions

Daily emails are everything buy “clean” with the constant malware, trojan, ransomware, and phishing style attack emails.

Our email filtering solutions create a cleansing station between the sender and recipient, whereby the email goes through a series of checks and balances to release only “clean” emails into your inbox. Our services offer a daily quarantine report that will allow you to further evaluate any quarantined mail for manual release, whitelist, or blacklist. A service you really cannot live without these days.

Email Encryption Services

If you are sending emails that contain sensitive or secure information, these emails are not meant to be sent in plain-text to the recipient.

Through strategic partnerships, T-Tech offers an email encryption service that will automatically filter “sensitive” emails and pass them through a secure portal.

virtual voice over

VoIP Cloud Phone Solution

On-Premise phone systems are not for everyone.  The need to be virtual, working remote, and on-the-go becomes more of a demand as days go by.  In situations such as these, cloud based Voice Over IP or VoIP systems are an excellent option.

Through strategic partnership, T-Tech is able to offer the capability to obtain business voice in an easy to many VoIP solution.  Providing the capability to keep your employees productive and your clients satisfied with a perfect mix of cloud voice systems and advanced VoIP applications.  Providing security, reliability, efficiency, and cost savings.


Cloud Phone Features:

  • Virtual Assistant (IVR)
  • Music On Hold
  • Multi-Line Hunt Groups
  • Web based Administration

  • Save Money
  • Smarter Simplicity and Flexibility
  • Efficient Call Management
  • Mobility and On-The-Go Features

Benefits of VoIP and Cloud Phones:

  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Online Account Management
  • Click to Dial
reliable virtual environments

Data Hosting and Backups

Data and Server Hosting

In this ever changing world, more and more organizations are creating virtual environments and less on-premise office space.  In situations such as this, the need for remote collaboration and accessibility fo files and data is crucial.

Whether you are looking for a complete virtual server environment for your employees, a central location for secure data storage, hosted software applications, or simply hosting your website, we have the environment and solution to fit your needs.

We have the ability to offer you customizable bandwidth, pricing and access usage based on the demand of the application and customer.

Offsite Encrypted Backups

The necessity for offsite backups has never been greater.  Threats to your data can come from so many angles and sources that without proper backups, you are left vulnerable and can ultimately be put out of business.

Through strategic partnerships, T-Tech is able to offer it’s clients with reliable and encrypted offsite backup solutions.  Data is secured and backed up in arm guarded data facilities that are compliant with federal, government, healthcare, financial, and numerous other industries.

microsoft packages

Microsoft 365 Partner

As a Gold Microsoft Partner and through strategic alliances, T-Tech is able to provide your environment with a completely Microsoft 365 solution.  Through the power of Microsoft 365, you have the capability of a robust hosted environment, team collaboration, data storage, and more.

Some of the robust features that Microsoft 365 offers are:

Microsoft Exchange Email

Microsoft Advanced Filtering

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Outlook