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Increase Efficiency through Managed IT

Managed IT Services, in a nutshell, is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for  your firm’s technology.  With a Managed IT scenario, the headache of supporting, maintaining, and anticipating needs for technology improvements in your environment is lifted from your shoulders.

T-Tech Solutions LLC’s team takes on those challenges and the burden of managing your IT environment.

Some common tasks from a Managed IT perspective include (but are not limited to):

  • Monitoring network for performance, reliability, and outside threats
  • Supporting end-user concerns, issues, and trouble tickets
  • Applying proper security patches and updates to network devices
  • Keeping inventory tracking of all hardware and software within environment
  • Managing server environments, maintaining backups, reviewing logs for error reporting.
  • Keeping up with users and active directory changes
  • Constantly monitoring environment for up-time, notification of outages, reporting of abnormalities

Managed IT is not just an outsourcing of your technology department, its about efficiency in operations. T-Tech has experience working with numerous different industries and sectors and is well equipped to manage your environment and keep it at top-level performance.

enhance efficiency

Who's managing your IT? Are you being held back?

Business outcome and efficiency are undeniably dependent on the reliable functionality of your technology environment.  Is your current IT provider or environment unable to deliver the needs of your business?

“The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional, is hiring an amateur”

We’ve all heard the saying, “you don’t know, what you don’t know.”  The problem comes into play when there are band-aids in your technology that you aren’t aware of or serious ramifications lurking due to improper selections, actions, or decisions that were made.

T-Tech has the knowledge and experience to implement the proper technology and solutions to keep you operational, compliant, and safe from trouble.   With the constant evolution of virus, malware, trojan, ransomware, and more, there is more need for Managed IT than ever before.

As a premier technology solutions provider, it is our absolute goal to become your trusted local Managed IT partner in the success and operation of your business.  Pass us the technology burdens that you have been dealing with and let’s get you back on track.

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Why have T-Tech in your corner?

T-Tech Solutions LLC is one of the leading premier business & IT service providers in Metro Detroit. When we take on the technology support for a client, it is our dedication to dive into technology issues and find the source of the problems, not just provide temporary fixes or band-aids.

We offer you the much-needed relief of technology headache and burden, so you are able to focus on your core business activities in place of dealing with technical concerns and everyday operations. We are also monitoring and supporting your environment 24/7 allowing that rest assurance that when your employees come to work the next morning, they come to an environment that is operational.

Our network and support team provides services to clients throughout Metro Detroit and the USA, making it possible to offer our services to any of your firms locations or sites.

Our goal is to minimize any down time or inconvenience to the workforce, whereby performing major network upgrades, migrations, enhancements, or time consuming operations at a time that is least intrusive.

Managed IT will aid your firm in maintaining superior performance and allow a management of expenses. Our goal is to be proactive in your technology environment and provide information and assessments for necessary upgrades and replacements, or upcoming hurdles, before they happen.

Allowing time to discuss and prepare rather than being in an urgent and emergency situation. Now, this doesn’t promise that emergencies and fire-drills won’t occur, but rest assured that we are in your corner when they do!

Around-the-clock support

What can Managed IT deliver?

When Metro Detroit businesses need reliable and managed IT services, they turn to T-Tech Solutions LLC.  We offer a unique and wide range of services for your business & technology needs. Ensuring that your business and technology are running smoothly with around the clock monitoring and accessibility.  Otherwise, What’s the point of IT if it never works when you need it most?

Some examples of what to expect include (but are not limited to):

  • Predictable spending and projects.
  • Higher efficacy of IT infrastructure
  • 24×7 support and monitoring
  • Fully outsourced IT services solutions
  • Assured maintenance & security.
  • Minimize Disruptions
  • Minimize downtime
  • Increase productivity.

Stress is caused by being “here”
but wanting to be “there”

— Eckhart Tolle