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Chromebook Break-Fix Services

Over the past few years, T-Tech Solutions LLC has worked alongside school district Technology Committee’s to roll out Chromebook programs and 1:1 Initiatives, enabling each student to be provided with a Chromebook for educational advancements.

We provide break-fix services for Chromebooks on an as-needed basis as well as through Chromebook Repair Program initiatives.  Providing a cost-effective and convenient way to handling all the repairs for the district and student machines, keeping them up and running and functional during their school year.  Outside of the school year, taking in entire fleets of machines, disinfecting them, factory wiping them, and reconditioning them for the next year.

If your student or school system is looking for assist in a program or break-fix operations, we are ready to assist.

Common Repair Issues

No Sound, Muffled Audio

Battery Not Charging

Laptop Not Charging

Malfunctioning System

Camera Issues

Keys Inoperable

Touchpad Inoperable

Water Damage

Broken Audio Connectors

Cracked Screen

Broken Keyboard

Broken Charging Port