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Tech Corner November 2023 | Don’t Get too Warm and Cozy Online

Tech Corner: November 2023 Topic:  Don’t Get Too Warm and Cozy – Online Safety Tips?   The holidays and the ‘Warm and Cozy’ season are approaching, but let’s not get too cozy and forget about the major ris...

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Tech Corner October 2023 | What the heck is AI?

Tech Corner: October 2023 Topic:  What the heck is AI?   Without a doubt, you’ve heard the phrase or someone talk about it recently and if you are like the majority of society, you’re asking the same question, ...

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Tech Corner September 2023 | Monitoring Kids Chromebook Usage

Tech Corner: September 2023 Topic:  Monitoring Kids Chromebook Usage   Believe it or not, it’s already the end of summer and back to school time!  Many kids and families will be introduced to Chromebooks and ta...

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Tech Corner August 2023 | Why is my old battery ‘Swollen’

Tech Corner:  August 2023 Topic:  Why is my old battery “Swollen”   In the world of the mobile and “smart” ready device, we are always dependent on the remaining battery power and looking for our closest r...

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Tech Corner July 2023 | Tips for Detecting Phishing and Spoofing

Tech Corner: July 2023 Topic:  Tips for Detecting Phishing and Spoofing Emails   Most of you reading this article have been a target of a phishing or spoofing attack, whether you know it or not.  The purpo...

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Tech Corner June 2023 | How Do Retail Stores Know I am near?

Tech Corner:  June 2023 Topic:  How do Retail Stores know when I’m near them?     If you’ve ever wondered how the local coffee shop starts sending you advertisements when you are near one of their lo...

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Tech Corner May 2023 | Ways to Create a “Smart” Home

Tech Corner:  May 2023 Topic:  Ways to create a “Smart” Home   Technology continues to change the way we live and interact on a daily basis and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of slowdown in new product...

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Tech Corner April 2023 | Understanding NFT

Tech Corner:  April 2023 Topic:  What is NFT and how does it work?     What is this new word, NFT, that’s been floating around the digital scene over the past few years?   If you are like the majority, you’ve h...

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Tech Corner February 2023 | Are my files safe in the cloud?

Tech Corner: February 2023 Topic:  Are my file really safe in the cloud?     Now adays, we are afforded the luxury of “storing files in the cloud” and it has created an ease of accessibility of data to all...

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Tech Corner January 2023 | What is IoT?

Tech Corner: January 2023 Topic:  What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?   A lot of discussion over the past few years about advancements in technology and new and emerging technologies.  Once of those item...