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Expert IT services for factory and manufacturing

Manufacturing Industries and Factories are using technologies in almost all facets of their organizations these days.  From the machines running the lines, to the systems tracking inventory and product, to the digital scales measuring the specifications on product, and much more.

Their operations can literally be put to a standstill without the proper implementation and reliability in their technology.  Some of the projects and work we have done within these industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Low Volt wiring of new manufacturing and productions facilities for phone, data, camera, security, computer systems, machine operators, sound masking, overhead paging, and more.
  • Installation of secure data networks for LAN and WAN environments
  • Configuration and installation of security devices such as firewalls and switches
  • Setup and configuration of site-to-site networks, connecting numerous facilities to one another, back to billing and operations centers.
  • Development of custom software applications for managing and tracking inventory and production.

Behind all these initiatives are the solutions and implementations of T-Tech Solutions.  We aim to be your local and trusted partner in providing advancement in technology for manufacturing and factory facilities.


The industry sectors we served include

  • Automotive/Tier 1&2 Suppliers

  • Metals and Fabrication

  • Food and Distribution

  • Board and Circuits

  • Scrap and Recycling

  • Building and Materials

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