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Tech Corner April 2021 | Maintaining “Remote” Work-Life Balance

What was thought to be a temporary solution to increasing the remote work environment during the initial stages of the COVID pandemic, has quickly turned into a new way of work life. Surveys among top businesse...


Tech Corner March 2021 | What the Heck is “The Cloud”?

By now, you’ve most likely heard someone mention the phrase “going to ‘the cloud’”, but do most people really understand what that means? There is this common myth that “the cloud” is an imaginary place where y...

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Tech Corner February 2021 | Tips for Detecting Phishing and Spoofing Emails

As we emerge into 2021 amidst this continued pandemic, there is an increasing effort from the hackers on the web to steal and compromise consumer data and information. More people are in front of their machines...

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Tech Corner January 2021 | Safety & Security Tech Trends for Homeowners

First and most foremost, wanting to wish you all a Happy New Year! Wishing your families and you a safe and healthy year with the hope of replacing the struggles and woes of 2020, with the joy of a fresh new an...


Tech Corner December 2020 | Cutting the Cord

No question that by now you’ve heard someone mention the phrase “cutting the cord” and wondered what on earth they were talking about.  For a long time prior to this Work from Home journey, cutting the cord was...

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Tech Corner November 2020 | WFH Tips, Tricks & Recommendations

Working from Home Tips, Tricks, & Recommendations In our May tech corner, we discussed 5 Tech Tips to help increase productivity while working from home.  The WFH (Work-From-Home) environment is growing and...


October Tech Corner 2020 | What’s the buzz about 5G?

What is the buzz about 5G? By now, you’ve certainly heard mention of 5G technology. The purpose of this Tech Corner will be a mini session on what 5G is, and the type of advancements that it enables. It will gi...


Tech Corner September 2020 | What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a serious and growing threat amongst the cyber world and affects all users, whether a home user or commercial user, everyone is a vulnerable target. Ransomware, in definition, ...

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Tech Corner August 2020 | Monitoring Chromebook Usage

Monitoring/Managing Chromebook Usage for Kids  As the COVID-19 epidemic emerged and school districts were scrambling to initiate a 1:1 program for take-home devices, many parents were also doing the same for re...


Tech Corner July 2020 | What is BlockChain?

BitCoin …  BlockChain – What the heck is it? By now, unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past decade, you’ve heard someone reference the term BitCoin or Crypto Currency.   What you may not have heard as co...