The Benefits of Networking Your Computers

There are many benefits to setting up a home or office network. Having a network setup would enable all of the computers in the home (or office) to connect to each other. The only difference in benefits for home users and organizations is the size of the network. Whether you have a small network of two computers set up in your home or you have a hundred computers set up for employees they both serve the same purpose; to make our lives and communication a little easier. Just imagine, not having to listen to your children fighting over the computer! The following is a list of 7 benefits that home/office networks provide:

Internet Access

Internet access can be provided to all computers on a network, they don’t have to be physically connected to the internet. The main advantage is that multiple people can access the internet at the same time.

File Sharing/Storage

The ability to easily share/store files is another great advantage to having a network setup in your home or office. With a network you can easily share or store and access files from multiple computers.

Shared Printer/Scanner

Printer/peripheral sharing allows all users on a network to access a single, or multiple, printers. No more having to switch machines to print out a document.

Computer Mobility

With a wireless network you aren’t chained to a network cord meaning you can work wherever you like. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee on the porch while you send out a few emails, plop yourself down on the cough and do some shopping, or just have the ability to move around to a quiet place in your house to get some work done.

No more wires!

No need to be tied down anywhere now or have to spend a lot of money to lay cable down. Networks allow for a wire free way to connect.

Multiplayer Games

Okay this one may not really be a benefit for office use but for families or friends who want to play games together online using multiple computers…networks make it possible, and easy.

Home Entertainment

Once again this is more of a benefit for home users, but many of the new products on the market today such as digital video recorders and video game consoles have the ability to connect to home networks which allows for internet gaming and easier video sharing capabilities.

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