Tech Corner November 2020 | WFH Tips, Tricks & Recommendations

Working from Home Tips, Tricks, & Recommendations

In our May tech corner, we discussed 5 Tech Tips to help increase productivity while working from home.  The WFH (Work-From-Home) environment is growing and has no visible signs of going away any time soon.  In fact, many companies have decided to go completely virtual for their organizations, completely changing shift of their corporate structure.  Below are a handful of recommendations, tips, and guidelines to help increase productivity and maintain normalcy.

1. Maintain Regular Hours

Consistency is key here. Waking up at a certain time, being in front of your computer and ready as if you have an appointment to be at.  End your work day at time that makes sense and allows you to have a full work day, with enough time to call it quits and re-energize.

2. Create a Morning Routine

Whatever that routine may be, keep it consistent and on-point.

3. Keep a Dedicated Office Space

Work in a space that allows you to perform your tasks, just as if you were in the office.

4. Use a VPN

Creates a private, secure, and safer network for your activities

5. Take Work Breaks

Just as if you were in the office, take work breaks while WFH. Walk away for a bit, grab some coffee, take a lunch break, go for a walk outside.  It’s very easy to burn out working from home and have no “off” button.

6. Dress for success

Wake up and get dressed as if you were going somewhere. It will change your mood and mindset.

7. Socialize with Colleagues

Just as you would at the coffee maker in the morning, communicate with your peers and don’t isolate yourself.

8. “Show Up” to Meetings and Be Heard

Take part in group collaboration, don’t just sign on, turn your video off, and go on mute. You wouldn’t show up in a meeting, put your head down, and take a nap, so even in virtual meetings, be alive.

9. Create Reminders or Calendar Events

When you WFH, clearly you aren’t going anywhere during your day, but set a calendar and reminder list for yourself to keep on track and focused. Mark off the items you’ve completed and push forward the ones that you didn’t get to that day.

10. End Your Day with a Routine

Find a way or routine that closes out your work day, whatever that may be, find something that works for you. Sending your final emails, reviewing your next morning calendar, setting your communication platform to “Away”