Tech Corner August 2021 | Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom was already a growing trend, but with the recent pandemic and increase in “virtual learning”, it had a rapid boost of usage and popularity. As adults, technology has become entrenched into our normal daily lives. Some of us enjoy and make the most out of the available tools, while others use it out of necessity.

When it comes to students and kids, they are surrounded with technology daily and have an eagerness to use it, and learn as much as possible about it. With that in mind, teachers and schools have increased their utilization of technology in the classroom, finding it an effective and exciting way to teach their lesson plans.

There are numerous ways to integrate technology into the classroom, but here are 5 great examples of how to utilize technology in daily learning:


There are numerous available apps and programs that allow students to create their own story line, include and draw pictures, and express themselves through it. Remember when you had a notebook and would write in your journal, or draw characters on numerous pages and flip through it to create a moving story? Now it’s all digital and everyone can be involved.

Problem Solving

Remember the chalkboard? Being able to go up to the board and manipulate and solve a math problem in front of the class?  No more noise, messy chalk, or cleaning the chalkboard! You can now use smart-enhanced white-boards or interactive projects to solve story problems in a more exciting and digital fashion. Anytime kids get to use technology or a computer, their attention and excitement is increased. Some classrooms have a 1:1 program where each student has their own device and can solve the problem at their desk, on their device, and digitally share it. The possibilities are endless, make it interesting and exciting!

Interactive Involvement

There are numerous options for interactive involvement. Whether that’s creating a lesson plan around writing skills, having students use a flip-chart or PowerPoint to create a class presentation, teaching kids about creating a website through web code tools, and many more. The key here is student interaction and involvement. Technology is here to stay and getting students to learn and be excited about it enhances that experience.


Team building and projects have never been easier when technology is included. Whether in the classroom or virtual, sharing files through online tools like Google Docs, Microsoft One Drive, etc., takes collaboration to an entirely new level. Teacher lesson plans and syllabus are available digitally and the ability to follow and stay involved is increased.


This is really a no-brainer. Kids and students enjoy technology and games. Gamify the lesson plan, make it fun, exciting, and something to be remembered. Take your normal scantron exam and turn it into a digital game, like Jeopardy, and watch the involvement and interaction hit its peak.

While usage of technology in the classroom continues to increase, it is important to remember that teachers are essential to the foundation and growth of our student’s enrichment and lives. This Tech Corner is meant to bring awareness to a few ways that technology can help enable additional fun and excitement in the classroom.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer! School will soon be in session again.