Tech Corner October 2021 | What Technology does my child need for School

Education and the usage of technology have become synonymous these days in the classroom and for the daily life of a student.  A recent study showed that approximately 95% of teachers have found a way to incorporate technology into their daily curriculum.


The common question parents have is what type of technology does my child need at home to keep up with the growing technology need?  The response to that question should be based on the following criteria:


  • What grade level is the child in?
    • A child in the early elementary is going to require less of a technology tool than a child in the middle school or high school.
  • What type of technology tools are they currently using in the classroom?
    • There are numerous options available for schools, so it’s important to try and be consistent with keeping the child in the same type of tech as they use daily in the classroom as it will help them grow their skillsets.
  • What type of daily platform does their technology use (i.e. operating system)?
    • Some school systems are using Apple devices, while other school systems are using Windows PC’s, while other school systems are using Chrome OS. It’s important to find this out so their daily work and functions will be the same whether at school or home.


With that criteria in mind, here are a few technology items to match-up with:


  • Chrome OS – Chromebook devices, wide range of manufactures, typically ranging from $200-$400 depending on specifications. A great option for the lower and upper elementary with a wide-range of tools available to them through Google.
  • Apple iOS – iPad Devices, a more expensive option than the Chrome OS, typically ranging from $400-$1000 depending on overall specs, size, speed, etc. These are typically utilized more in the middle school and high school level and have a wide range of apps available through the Apple (Appstore).
  • Microsoft OS – Windows-platform devices with a wide range of options and price points, can be anywhere from $400-$2000 depending on selection. Numerous manufactures have notebooks available similar to the Chromebook style, that will keep the price point lower.  Important to find out which device-style they will be using in school to match appropriately.  Options may be Microsoft Tablets, Surface Pros, or Laptops.
  • Apple OS – MacBook devices, typically used more in the high school/college-prep level into college as well. Price points will be higher than the prior options, typically starting at the $800 range escalating higher based on screen size, hard drive size, memory, etc.  A great and robust option with numerous features available, but as mentioned prior, be sure their class curriculum will be Apple based to avoid having conflicts.


Technology keeps things fun and exciting and has been proven to elevate the learning and interest level.  Don’t forget a decent set of earphones and an external wireless mouse as well!