Tech Corner January 2023 | What is IoT?

Tech Corner: January 2023

Topic:  What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?


A lot of discussion over the past few years about advancements in technology and new and emerging technologies.  Once of those items that continues to perpetuate is the discussion of IoT and it’s growing utilization.


So, for this month’s tech corner, let’s tackle IoT and what it actually is?  I’m sure that you’ve come across this phrase or read an article where it was mentioned, but do you really understand what IoT is?


IoT, known as The Internet of Things, in its simplest explanation, is a collection of “things” that are connected to the internet and embedded with sensors and technology to connect and exchange data with other devices.  The main driver for the utilization of IoT is the collection and sharing of data requiring as little human intervention as possible.


So now that you know a little about what IoT is, and what its purpose is, here is a brief list of areas where IoT is making a difference:


Manufacturing:  For monitoring, quality, efficiency


Smart “wearables”: To monitor human health, environmental conditions, safety


Automotive: Safety, real time data, vehicle maintenance


Retail:  manage inventory, improve customer experience, real-time data


Transportation:  manage and monitor fleets, real-time inventory data, health and safety of drivers



Most people are going to hear about IoT and think it’s too futuristic and won’t be used for many years from now…. If you are wondering if anyone is actually using IoT in the world currently, By the end of 2022 the number of connected IoT devices are expected to reach 14.4 billion… Now, that’s a lot of “things” communicating with one another!