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Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are reshaping how companies engage with their customers as well as our perception of traditional marketing strategies. Two prominent studies, one conducted by the SMB Groupand the other by the Harvard Business Review, reported that about only half of business use social media in their marketing.  In a recent report on CNN, social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk, told small business owner Flora Shepelsky, “If you are not on Facebook and Twitter in 2012/13 you’re basically not a relevant business in our society.” Social Media is one of the easiest ways to connect with customers, but for some reason half of businesses still don’t use it to their advantage.

Social Media has many benefits to offer such as:

  • Greater Brand Equity
  • Increased Traffic to Website
  • Increase in new business
  • Monitor (and enhance) consumer opinions easily
  • Easier to develop targeted marketing activities
  • Identification of new product or service opportunities
  • Ability to measure the frequency of the discussion about the brand
  • Early warning of potential product or service issues
  • Ability to bring the customers voice into the company

Author of The New Influencers, Paul Gillin, said that “conventional marketing wisdom long held that a dissatisfied customer tells ten people. But…in the new age of social media, he or she has the tools to tell ten million.” There is always a chance that there will be a dissatisfied customer but the upside to this is that with social media you have the ability to monitor and address the complaints.

There is no question that social media channels should be used to market your business, the problem is that most businesses don’t understand the potential of social media nor do they know how to measure the effectiveness of it. This is where T-Tech can come in to help. We help you decide which social media channels will be most effective for your business and what type of content with engage your customers the most. We can also help with advertising campaigns that will better reach your target markets. Social media may be inexpensive and easy to start using, but you still need to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. Contact us today to start taking advantage of all the opportunities social media has to offer.