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The Advantages of Using an IT Helpdesk

An IT Helpdesk is an information and assistance resource for businesses (and home users) that provides incident management and problem troubleshooting with computers or similar technologies. To learn more about what an IT Helpdesk is and how it works, read our blog, What is an IT Helpdesk?

Here at T-Tech Solutions LLC we offer helpdesk solutions to businesses that are customized to your organization’s size and needs. Our Helpdesk solution, T-Tech On Call, allows our support representatives to remotely connect with you, wherever you may be, to help with your IT issues. Using a helpdesk has many benefits for its users; here are a few reasons why both businesses and home users should consider using a helpdesk service.

It is Proactive

It’s a lot easier, and cheaper, to prevent a disaster from happening than it is to clean up after one. Having a helpdesk on your side gives you access to a quick and convenient fix.  When an issue occurs, all you have to do is pick up the phone and tell them what the problem is and technical support will take care of the rest.

Professional Experience

When you call the helpdesk you know the person on the other end is highly experienced and knowledgeable. We have seen the same issues over and over, which allows us to quickly solve and fix your technical issues.  Keep in mind that there are some scenarios where remote support cannot resolve the issue, but over 90% of T-Tech On Call issues have been resolved remotely or through phone support. You can learn more about our support representatives on our website.

It’s Remote

A helpdesk offers technical support the ability to remotely connect with you, wherever you may be, to help you with your technical concerns. With T-Tech On Call, as long as you have access to the internet, we will be able to gain access to your computer by providing a randomly generated six digit code, which you will enter in to connect with a technician.

Saves Money

Hiring an in house technical support can become very costly. One of the greatest benefits to T-Tech On Call is that you can save money by not having to hire someone to keep on staff at all times. We understand how important it is for businesses to have their technology working efficiently at all times, this is why we offer customized plans that are built around your needs.

Saves Time

Time is money, so when your technology decides to go on the fritz you want the issue to be resolved as quickly as possible. With T-Tech On Call, you don’t have to wait for a technician to come to your office to figure out what the problem is, a solution is only a phone call away.

To find out what T-Tech Solutions LLC has to offer to you, call us at 248-616-9600 or email us at