Tech Corner June 2020 | Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology– Risk & Benefits

Like it or not, most of us have spent more time quarantined in our homes these past few months than we’d prefer. During that time, you’ve probably watched and listened to a million commercials on TV or surfing social media about making your home “smart enabled” or increasing your efficiency at home with smart devices. No doubt, proper usage of smart technology can truly simplify tasks and increase capabilities, but every advancement in technology comes with its risks.

Let’s first start with 5 Advantages of Smart Home Technology:

• Managing all home devices from a single access point
• Ease of adding new devices and appliances
• Increase in home security capabilities
• Remote monitoring and control of home functions
• Increased capability of energy efficiency

Smart-enabled technology means an internet-enabled device, which at its core is susceptible to infiltration. These smart devices have increased capabilities as mentioned above, such as turning off lights, enable/disable alarms, unlocking doors, and more. The common mistake people make is purchasing an off-the-shelf product that’s meant to be “do-it yourself” and assuming the manufacture has taken all precautions to keep you safe.

There are many ways to secure your smart-home technology, but here are 5 Tips to get you started:

• Use a unique name for your wireless connection
• Secure your home Wi-Fi-router, do not use default username and passwords.
• Use a strong encryption method for your home wireless connection
• Keep your security devices up to date
• Disable features that you may not use or need.


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