Tech Corner May 2020 | Increasing Productivity while WFH

Increasing Productivity while Working from Home – 5 Tech Tips

During this COVID-19 crisis, employees and employers alike are all having to shift and adjust to the new “work from home” policy. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, there were over 5 million employees in the US already working from home, at least half of their time. Working from home seems like a luxury, but often times it’s difficult to focus, set up workspace, etc.

Here are 5 Tech Tips to help with your work from home endeavors:

  1. Webcam and Microphone
    1. Clearly an important task. Difficult to perform any web-conferences or meetings without this capability. Find a solution that works for you and you are comfortable with.
  2. Add a second monitor
    1. If you have the space and capability, adding a second monitor to your environment is a great enhancement for multi-tasking.
  3. Use secure apps for meetings and conference calls
    1. Utilize a secure environment for web meetings (i.e. Microsoft Teams, Zoom)
    2. With the increase in work from home comes the increase in hackers, don’t be susceptible.
    3. Put passwords on your web meetings, increase security measures for your collaboration tools
  4. Utilize a reputable VPN
    1. Numerous VPN (virtual-private-network) applications or software enable you to utilize a more secure environment from your home network to perform tasks more security. (i.e. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark)
  5. Share files easily, but maintain security
    1. Find an easy method to share and pass files amongst co-workers or clients, but don’t sacrifice security for ease.
    2. Utilize a secure sharing solution to pass and share files amongst co-workers.
    3. Some examples are Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, DropBox

Most importantly, stay safe and healthy and let’s all work together to get come back stronger than ever!


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