Tech Corner February 2022 | What is the Metaverse?

Tech Corner: February 2022

Topic: What is the Metaverse?


Whether you are in the tech community or not, this topic and new buzz word is circling quickly, so we thought it was prudent to provide an introduction to Metaverse for this month’s Tech Corner.  The goal is not to make you an expert in the field of Metaverse or the technology, but to give you a general understanding.


So, what is metaverse, in a nutshell?  In the simplest explanation, it is a “virtual” and “3D” world focused around social connections and interactions.  It is an augmented reality that you enter through interactive headsets or interactive technology that uses your “brain” and “optics” to take you into an alternate universe, known as the Metaverse.  This probably sounds very Star Trek, futuristic, and out of this world.  That’s because it is!


This virtual universe has continued to grow in interest as the pandemic has forced more people into remote environments and working from home.  You get started in this universe by selecting your “appearance” or what is known as an “avatar,” just as you would starting a new game, and begin your virtual journey, interacting with things, people, or places that interest you.


If you are wondering how big or popular the Metaverse topic is getting, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, recently announced the change of the name for their social media platform as Meta.
A universe originally implemented for gaming on virtual reality headsets now turns into an everyday universe that allows you to be in the comfort of your own home or environment while living an “alter-ego.”


There is currently well over $10 billion in funding going towards this altered reality and truth be told, they are just getting started. If this Metaverse topic is something that interests you, there is an enormous amount of data and collections on the web to further research and get acclimated with.